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Come one! Come all!

Spend the night being entertained by Player’s Club’s

One Acts!

Featuring the following shows:

The Footsteps To Dove by Robert Anderson, directed by Lauren Conley

Death In Character by Stuart Arden, directed by Mike Kiessling

The Least Offensive Play In The Whole Darn World by Jonathan Rand, directed by Kris Sharpe

Waiting For Death by Michael Maiello, directed by Maurice Chase

We Regret To Inform You by David C. Daheim, directed by Mallory Stevens and Nicole Lowe

Friday, April 29th at 7:00!!!! Tickets are $4 at the door!!! Bring a friend!!!!!!!


yea for one acts...

ok so i'm mildly (or profoundly...) retarted and i've had pompousass listed in my friends list for the last few months instead of pompous_ass! and pompousass is CERTAINLY not a chs theatre kid (he is like some 25 year old man... on LJ! sweet!)

anyway, just wanted to say "hey" and that i am excited for one acts etc.

so: "hey!"



Ok, I need suggestions for Plays & Musicals to submit for the 2005-2006 Mask & Bauble Season.  I'm still looking into Plays but for Musicals I'm submitting the Following:

  • Urinetown
  • Seussical
  • Company
  • You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
  • Side Show

I think Little Shop, Bat Boy, & Into the Woods are being submitted by other people...

Any More Suggestions?!?!?!?!?

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i have a riddle....who are the biggest backstabbers in the world and call ppls friends that they lie to constantly...and the have huge egoes....and they are constantly hypocritical???? this is a tough one....i wonder if u can get the answer!!!